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Your route to King’s is through a King’s International Foundation course. Find a degree to see which International Foundation course is right for you.

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Based on your selection and depending on your grades, you may have two study options at King's:

1. A King’s International Foundation course

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2. Direct entry to a King’s undergraduate degree

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King's International Foundation course overview

A one-year academic preparation course that gives you the chance to achieve the required qualifications to apply for undergraduate courses at King's. It develops essential subject-specific knowledge, improves your academic English and is a great way to prepare for university.

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Your pathways to undergraduate study at King’s

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Please note: the information in the King's Foundation Finder applies to students who have started a King’s International Foundation course in September 2018.

All progression grades and undergraduate degrees are under review for students applying to a King’s International Foundation course to start in September 2019 and are subject to change.

The King’s Foundation Finder will be updated once the review has been finalised, and we advise students to check this page before making their final decision.